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How Do You Protect Kids From Cavities?

Without routine care, children often develop cavities. Tooth decay not only leads to pain, but also a risk of losing baby teeth prematurely, and with that an increased chance of misalignment occurring. In today’s blog, we’re looking at how our Omaha, NE, patients can avoid tooth decay and protect their children’s smiles.

How Do I Safeguard My Child’s Smile This Halloween?

October has arrived! For parents, that means helping kids pick out their costumes and getting them ready for the big night. We love trick or treating, but we also know that a sudden influx of candy means a higher risk of tooth decay for kids in Omaha, NE. Fortunately, we have a few tips that… Read more »

Have You Scheduled a Back-To-School Visit?

In the next few weeks, children, college students, and yes, teachers, will be returning to the classroom. This also means the beginning of extracurricular activities and other factors that will make finding time to see the dentist difficult. Now is the perfect time for our patients in Omaha, NE to schedule a back-to-school visit!

What Do Your Kids’ Smiles Need?

Now that your kids are home for summer break, do you find yourself struggling to fill their time with healthy and educational activities? It’s easy to resort to trips to the ice cream store, when you are desperately trying to keep kids happy and busy. Many parents are also perplexed by how much more difficult… Read more »

Want a Healthy Smile? Heed These Tips from Your Children’s Dentist

As a parent, you go through a lot trying to keep your children healthy. From making sure they spend time outside playing instead of in front of the TV, to making sure they eat vegetables that are not fried, insisting they wear their helmets when riding their bikes, and washing their hands before dinner, there… Read more »

How We Discovered that Fluoride Is Good for Teeth

For decades, cities across the United States have treated their municipal water supplies with the mineral fluoride to help their citizens combat tooth decay. In fact, water fluoridation became official US policy in 1951. Although small levels of fluoride have been proven to assist in the prevention of cavities, its benefits to oral health took… Read more »

Want More Cause for Celebration? Take a Cue from Your Children’s Dentist

February is a great time to let your family members know just how much you love them. But did you know it’s also a great chance to let them know how much you care about their oral health? That’s because February is more than just the month of Valentine’s Day. It’s also National Children’s Dental… Read more »