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How Does Extracting A Tooth Save Your Smile?

As dental professionals, we strive to help our Omaha, NE, patients enjoy healthy smiles, which means preserving their natural teeth. However, sometimes ensuring a healthy smile involves actually removing a natural tooth. When do we recommend an extraction and how does this process improve oral health? What should a person expect from the procedure itself?

Treating Your Infection (And Saving Your Tooth)

When a tooth develops an infection, the clock is ticking. Without treatment, a tooth could potentially become lost and allow infection to spread to surrounding teeth, or into the jawbone! Fortunately, we help treat infected teeth with root canal therapy. What should our Omaha, NE, patients expect from this restorative treatment option? How do you… Read more »

Stopping Tooth Decay With Natural Looking Fillings

If you have a cavity, then you need to see the dentist. Lack of treatment could mean trouble, including dental infections and serious discomfort! In order to repair a cavity, we may suggest a filling. We offer our patients in Omaha, NE, lifelike fillings made from metal-free composite resin. How do these restorations repair decayed… Read more »

CEREC Creates Crowns In One Visit

Just a few years ago, hearing the dentist say you needed a crown mean looking forward to two or more visits, as well as a brief period of wearing a temporary restoration. However, we offer our Omaha, NE, patients the chance to receive a dental crown in the same visit. How do we create and… Read more »

5 Ways Dental Implants Benefit Your Smile

Dental implants offer patients with tooth loss a unique and advanced solution. We often recommend them for our Omaha, NE, patients suffering from one or more missing teeth. What benefits do they offer smiles and why should one consider dental implants?

Can You Place Natural Looking Crowns In One Visit?

If you have pain in your tooth, or your tooth has become chipped or cracked, then you need to see us. Don’t worry, repairing your tooth doesn’t mean multiple visits and lengthy procedures. In fact, we often help repair teeth in Omaha, NE, in one visit using advanced CEREC technology.

How Do I Stop Grinding My Teeth At Night?

  Do you suffer from bruxism? This disorder impacts many people in the United States and causes them to grind their teeth or clench their jaw at night. For our patients in Omaha, NE, we have a potential solution with custom-made oral appliances. Let’s talk about how to stop grinding your teeth!