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What Is A CEREC Restoration?

At one time, when you cracked or chipped a tooth, or developed a cavity or infection, treatment would take anywhere between two and three visits. You may have even needed to wear a temporary. However, we’re proud to offer our Omaha, NE, patients treatment that addresses common cosmetic and restorative issues in a single visit…. Read more »

Will Implant Dentures Help Your Smile?

When people think of dental implants, they often assume the procedure mainly addresses individual lost teeth. However, if you lose multiple teeth, or even a majority of them, we can use this unique treatment option to secure a fixed denture. How do implant dentures help smiles in Omaha, NE, and when should you talk to… Read more »

Creating And Placing A Restoration In One Visit

For many years, hearing you needed a crown meant looking forward to two to three visits at a minimum. However, we understand how hectic our patients’ schedules can be, so we have an alternative that provides strong and dependable restorations in just one visit. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at how the CEREC… Read more »

How Does A Bridge Replace Missing Teeth?

When our Omaha, NE, patients come to us with one or more missing teeth, we may suggest a dental prosthetic to address the gaps in their smile. Replacing your lost teeth will help improve the smile’s appearance, while also safeguarding oral health against complications. How does a bridge replace a missing tooth, and how do… Read more »

Are You A Dental Implant Candidate?

When we lose our permanent teeth, this leads to serious negative impacts of our smile’s health and appearance. In order to prevent complications, such as an aged appearance, further tooth loss, or misalignment, you need to have your missing teeth addressed right away. We’re looking at addressing lost teeth with implant dentistry, and when our… Read more »

How Does Extracting A Tooth Save Your Smile?

As dental professionals, we strive to help our Omaha, NE, patients enjoy healthy smiles, which means preserving their natural teeth. However, sometimes ensuring a healthy smile involves actually removing a natural tooth. When do we recommend an extraction and how does this process improve oral health? What should a person expect from the procedure itself?

Treating Your Infection (And Saving Your Tooth)

When a tooth develops an infection, the clock is ticking. Without treatment, a tooth could potentially become lost and allow infection to spread to surrounding teeth, or into the jawbone! Fortunately, we help treat infected teeth with root canal therapy. What should our Omaha, NE, patients expect from this restorative treatment option? How do you… Read more »