Gentle Pediatric Dental Care

As a family dental practice, we proudly offer a full selection of pediatric dental services. Dr. Pietrok, Dr. St. Germain, and our whole office staff truly enjoy working with kids. With our friendly demeanor, we know how to make dentistry fun!

What Is Children’s Dentistry?

As with our adult services, preventive treatment is the foundation of our pediatric care. We offer routine checkups and cleanings for kids of all ages. We also provide some additional treatments tailored for young children with developing teeth. Fluoride is an important mineral that can strengthen teeth and prevent decay. It is present in many foods, and most cities add fluoride to their water supplies. Nevertheless, children typically do not receive enough fluoride for adequate dental protection. In most cases, we recommend biannual topical fluoride treatments. In some cases, we may also recommend fluoride supplements to strengthen teeth that have not yet come in.

Sealants are another vital component of children’s dentistry. Dr. Pietrok or Dr. St. Germain will apply a thin plastic coating to the top surfaces of your child’s molars. The material will coat the deep grooves where food and bacteria can accumulate. Once it has hardened, the clear material will form a barrier to reduce your child’s risk for cavities. Although we usually recommend sealants for young children, in some cases, teens and adults can benefit from this treatment, too.

The Importance of Early Preventive Dental Care

Routine preventive dental care is as important for your child as it is for adults. Children’s teeth are just as susceptible to decay. In some cases, they may face an even higher risk for cavities, since young patients do not understand how to care for their teeth properly. Alarmingly, when children develop dental decay, they are far more likely to suffer from chronic cavities as adults. With our pediatric services, we can prevent dental damage by removing the bacteria, plaque, and tartar that lead to decay. We will also teach you and your child about the best ways to care for your teeth, so that your little one will enjoy a lifelong healthy smile.

When Should You Schedule an Exam for Your Child?

Routine dental care should begin at a very young age. Children should have their first dental appointment no more than six months after their first tooth comes in. Once they are three years old, you should book biannual dental visits. If your child has already had his or her first tooth appear but has not yet had his or her first dental checkup, schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

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