Receiving Dental Implant Support For Your Prosthetic

A dental prosthetic can give you back your smile, which will lead to you looking healthier and more attractive, and feeling more confident. The cosmetic benefits are enough to motivate many people to seek out replacement restorations for missing teeth, but there are additional benefits to consider. With dental implants to support them, your prosthetics can offer notable restorative dental support, too. Implants can create better stability, making it easier to bite and chew food, while also supporting the health of your jawbone. Many patients will qualify for this kind of support, which can make a significant positive difference to your smile, and your oral health. (more…)

Addressing A Cavity With A CEREC Dental Crown

Restorative dental work is only effective when it ensures that your tooth has the support it needs to stay healthy, and stay functional, after your treatment. In cases where your tooth is affected by a larger cavity, particularly one that has caused internal problems, significant support can be needed. A dental crown can cover your tooth completely, and help you feel comfortable using it to bite and chew. This is important, as dental fillings are not always strong enough to help a tooth recover after decay. Because your dentist has access to CEREC technology, your smile can be restored in less time when you need a crown. (more…)

Invisalign Provides Discreet Orthodontic Work

The prospect of being able to correct dental alignment issues without a conspicuous appliance can excite many patients. With Invisalign, you can look forward to the type of improvements you would hope to see with metal braces. The clear aligners you receive will be able to correct issues with spacing, as well as unattractive overlaps between teeth. That being said, one reason patients can prefer Invisalign over traditional braces is that Invisalign will not impact their appearance. The clear aligners provided to you can be discreetly worn, so your smile is not altered over the course of your correction. (more…)

CEREC Technology Means Not Relying On A Temporary Crown

A dental crown is custom-made to fit over your tooth, and is designed with the necessary toughness to stay in good condition for many years. Thanks to the presence of CEREC technology in our office, you can have that permanent, custom-made crown prepared and placed over the course of one dental visit. This means you will have the full support you need in less time. It also means you will not have to rely on a temporary crown. Patients who are left waiting for their crown to be made in a dental lab are provided with these temporary restorations, which can be less than ideal. We are proud to offer a restorative dental care solution that gives you the protection you need without making this delay necessary. (more…)

A Dental Implant Can Improve A Prosthetic’s Functional Value

A dental prosthetic can improve your smile, helping you to look younger, and feel more confident. Can you find a prosthetic that restores your appearance, while also improving on your ability to bite and chew food? This is an important consideration. If you have experienced difficulties with your dental function after tooth loss, it can lead to problems with your jaw joints that can turn into TMJ dysfunction. You can also put excess strain on remaining teeth. Dental implants can provide the kind of stability you need to feel confident your prosthetic will hold up during basic dental functions. (more…)

Have Your Teeth Shifted After Earlier Orthodontic Work?

Many people who undergo orthodontic correction earlier in life can look forward to many years with an attractive, straightened smile. However, there are instances where a person might see their teeth shift back to their original, incorrect positions. If you are worried about how this shifting might have affected your smile, talk to your dentist about how clear braces can help. Invisalign and ClearCorrect are both able to make adjustments to your teeth, so that they can be brought back into their appropriate positions. However, unlike with traditional braces, clear braces can go unnoticed by others. You also have the ability to remove them when you need to, so that you can more easily clean your teeth, and eat. (more…)

A Dental Crown Can Provide Protection For A Damaged Tooth

If you tend to live an active lifestyle, an accident or injury could leave you with a damaged tooth. Of course, sometimes a particularly cautious person can have the misfortune of damaging a tooth simply by biting into something unexpectedly tough. If dental damage leaves visible damage, and impacts your ability to bite and chew, your dentist can supply you with a dental crown. A crown can make it possible to continue using that tooth to bite and chew, and it can be made to look like your natural tooth. With CEREC technology, you can have your custom crown made and placed in the course of just one appointment. (more…)