What You Should Know About Bridges if You’ve Lost a Tooth

For as long as people have had to deal with tooth loss, the need to replace those teeth has been a major focus of dental health care. That’s because once you lose an adult tooth, it doesn’t grow back and the loss will always affect how your smile looks and how well your bite functions. For centuries, dental bridges have been among the most common and effective ways for addressing tooth loss. Today, bridges are still popular for tooth loss patients in Omaha, NE, thanks to their innovative design and highly lifelike appearance. (more…)

Will My Wisdom Teeth Require Removal?

As we touched on briefly in the previous blog, our goal is to help preserve your natural teeth. Occasionally however, protecting your oral health actually means extracting a tooth. If you have wisdom teeth poised to arrive, often removing them can help you avoid a wide array of oral health complications. Let’s look at what our patients in Omaha, NE can expect from the extraction process.