Can a Dentist Treat Jaw Pain?

can a dentist treat jaw painThere’s no end to tips and home remedies for curing a toothache (some effective, some not), and it’s common knowledge that a visit to your dentist is in order if you can’t relieve it. Yet, when your jaw hurts, you might not find as much information about why or how to alleviate it.

Aside from a direct injury to your jaw, one of the most common reasons for jaw pain is TMJ disorder – a dysfunction in one or both of your jaw’s temporomandibular joints (TMJs). The good news is that, in many cases, your dentist can treat your jaw pain by treating TMJ disorder and its underlying cause(s). (more…)

Gear Up for Graduation with Cosmetic Dentistry

Gear Up for Graduation with Cosmetic DenitstryAll your hard work and those all-nighters studying is finally paying off. You will soon be walking the stage to accept a diploma, and after that, it will be time to start a new adventure and a new chapter in life. But before you have your big moment, make sure you’re ready to put your best face forward. Cosmetic dentistry can help get you there. Imperfections with your teeth can make it difficult to feel confident, especially as you embark on a new career path. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry makes it possible to hide those imperfections and to reveal a more beautiful smile, which can instill the self-esteem you need to reach your full potential.


Choose a Seamless Form of Smile Restoration

Choose a Seamless Smile RestorationAre you worried you’re suffering from a cavity, but don’t want to get a gold filling? Do you have a root canal scheduled, and are nervous that your smile will never look the same? Dental problems can cause a lot of discomfort, both physically and emotionally. Fortunately, modern dentistry now offers more seamless restorative treatments that can put patients at ease about the esthetics of their smiles, after treatment. In fact, in many cases no one has to know you have had dental work completed. So stop delaying a dental visit, for fear your smile will suffer cosmetically, and instead talk to your restorative dentist about the benefit of seamless smile solutions! (more…)

Spring Forward with Cosmetic Bonding or Contouring

Spring Forward with Your SmileDo you have important events coming up later this spring or summer? It may feel like it’s too late to get your smile selfie-ready before you celebrate your best friend’s wedding, or proudly walk the stage for your college graduation. But thanks to cosmetic dental treatments, like cosmetic bonding and contouring, it’s actually possible to achieve beautiful and natural-looking smile enhancements with time to spare. So if you want to truly look and feel your best, as you start this next season, talk to your cosmetic dentist about fast and affordable ways to improve your smile, like bonding and contouring. (more…)

Clean Up Your Smile this Spring with Preventive Care

Clean Your Smile This SpringYou may think of the spring as a time for cleaning house. And while your kitchen may need a deep scrub, your closets cleared of clutter, it could be that your smile is even more in need of a good spring cleaning. If it’s been more than six months since your last dental checkup, let this change of seasons serve as a reminder that preventive care, like regular cleanings, are essential to maintaining great oral health, not to mention keeping your smile looking its best. And who doesn’t want that? (more…)

Is It Time to Straighten Up Your Smile with Clear Braces?

Time for Clear Braces?Did you grow up dreaming of a straighter smile, only to give up on the idea in adulthood, because you didn’t want to spend years in obvious metal braces? If so, it’s time to revisit that dream, especially considering the ways clear braces can help. Treatments like Invisalign and Clear Correct provide alternatives to traditional braces, ones that can still straighten your smile but without the embarrassment or discomfort of metal brackets and braces. So, if you always wanted to do something about your crooked teeth, or gaps between them, now is a great time to learn about clear braces! (more…)

Tired of Suffering from a Canker Sore? Here’s What Can Help

Heal That Canker Sore FasterOuch! Canker sores can be incredibly irritating, and they can also make mealtime more of a pain than a pleasure. Fortunately most canker sores will heal on their own, in a few weeks or less. They also don’t generally require restorative treatment from your dentist or doctor. But, if you want to speed the healing process along even further, there are some simple steps you can take. Perhaps best of all, many involve only household products you might already have on hand! (more…)