A Tooth-colored Filling Can Cure Your Smile Woes

Tooth Colored Fillings for Confident RestorationNo one wants to hear the bad news, that she has a cavity. But your restorative dentist can provide some good news, even after a cavity diagnosis. First, treatment for a cavity is generally minimally invasive and quickly completed. Secondly, and just importantly, you don’t have to sacrifice the beauty of your smile in order to restore your oral health. Tooth-colored dental fillings are a modern alternative to traditional metal fillings, ones that many patients find more comfortable and most find far more esthetically pleasing. If you are worried you have a cavity, but have delayed treatment because you don’t want to end up with a mouth filled with metal, tooth-colored restorations are an incredible alternative.


Cosmetic Bonding Can Get You Closer to Your Dream Smile

Cosmetic Bonding for a Beautiful SmileIs there any better season for bonding with loved ones than autumn, when the air gets crisper and the days get shorter? Being forced indoors provides a great chance for quality time circled around a fire, playing board games, brushing up on the classics, and of course building lasting memories with the people nearest and dearest to your heart. But if all that closeness is causing you to cringe, because you’re embarrassed by imperfections in your smile, cosmetic bonding could come to your rescue. Through the skilled artistry of a cosmetic dentist, you could leave with a more beautiful smile you’ll love showing off to the people you like most. (more…)

Pediatric-Dentist Approved Alternatives to Halloween Candy

Trick or Treat Alternatives Children's DentistHalloween does often bring up visions of buckets of candy and floors littered with empty chocolate wrappers. But you don’t have to hand out sugar-laden treats to make the neighborhood kids squeal with excitement this year. There are plenty of children’s dentist-approved tricks to providing great Halloween treats that won’t wreak havoc on young smiles. And don’t worry; it doesn’t mean you have to hand out toothbrushes, either. Here are some fun alternatives to sweets that will still elicit lots of happy Trick-or-Treat smiles! (more…)

TheClear Advantages of Invisalign and Clear Correct

Clear Advantages Clear Correct InvisalignIf you have always been embarrassed because your teeth are crooked or there are gaps between them, you may have considered braces before. But many adults are hesitant to seek orthodontic treatment, for fear they’ll be the only people in their boardroom or break room with mouths full of metal. While there is nothing wrong with wearing metal braces, modern orthodontia provides alternatives that can help you achieve the smile of your dreams without sacrificing your confidence in the meantime. If you’d like a straighter, more evenly-spaced smile, it’s clearly time to consider Invisalign or Clear Correct! (more…)

TMJ Disorder: An Introduction

jawpainbluePerhaps you have been struggling with discomfort in or around your jaw joints but you’re not sure what to make of it. Fortunately, by scheduling a preventive visit to see us, we can examine your oral cavity (including digital X-rays of your oral structures) to get to the bottom of the problem. A likely conclusion? You may be dealing with a treatable dental problem called TMJ disorder (or TMD for short). By learning more about your TMJs, the disorder, and common symptoms, you will quickly feel clearer about the discomfort you’ve been experiencing. Fortunately, you can also feel hopeful – we offer effective, noninvasive treatment to protect your jaw health.


Your Guide To Flossing

dentalflossmeasuringJust like any other technique in preventive dentistry, it’s extremely important that you’re flossing correctly between visits. First and foremost, don’t allow the idea of “best flossing” to get you down – if you think you may need to make some changes to your daily dental hygiene, they will be quite simple to put into effect. Even more exciting? Even tiny alterations to your typical flossing approach may provide you with a greatly improved ability to keep your smile in excellent, beautiful condition.


Is Your Brushing Its Best?

toothbrushclearcupBrushing your teeth every day is a given – you have done it since you were a child and you know that it’s extremely important for maintaining a healthy smile. What you may not know, however, is whether you’re doing your very best. While you know that brushing once in the morning and once before bed is a good start, how much do you know about the particulars of this preventive care habit? By becoming more familiar with the type of brush you should choose, optimal brushing times, and other facts, you will find that your brushing becomes extremely effective. Don’t feel too worried – if you need to make any changes, they’re simple to put into effect.